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AppGrow was one of the first data monetization intermediaries in the app industry.

Since 2015 we have connected brands, marketers, research institutes and telecom companies with mobile apps that let user's data help us all grow together.

We have developed a unique technology that collects non-personal identifiable data and transfers it to the most trusted data collectors all around the world.

150M+ smartphones
190 countries
1 data monetization SDK

Why app developers choose AppGrow for data monetization

Whether you own a mobile game or social app — data monetization guarantees revenue growth for any category of mobile apps
1 Scale up your revenue without in-app ads

From month to month, our data monetization SDK drives a solid income to mobile apps and releases apps from ads or any UX changes

2 Capitalize on 100% of app users

Our exclusive partnerships with dozens of data collectors ensure high payouts for every single user of your app who opted in for data collection

3 Keep your users loyal and UX untouched

The data collection takes place in the background and doesn't affect the UX. The memory and battery of the user's device also remain untouched

4 Zero outwork or daily optimization

You won't have to invest your time into maintaining upkeep. All you have to do is a few quick-to-implement changes at the preparation stage

5 Weightless and non-interrupting SDK

Data monetization doesn't harm your existing SDKs. You can double your revenue by running in-app ads and data monetization at the same time

6 Completely secured monetization

Our data monetization SDK follows all GDPR and Google Privacy requirements. We guarantee your app users stay anonymous and protected

Calculate your monthly revenue

We'll pay for 100% of your DAU and MAU who consented to collect their non-personal identifiable data

1 Your monthly revenue in a case when all your app users agreed to share their data (with basic permissions included like Internet Access, Network Type etc.).

2 With more permissions added (i.e. Fine Location, Bluetooth) your monthly revenue will steadily increase.

3 The calculator takes your DAU & MAU for the US users. The final sum may vary according to the geography of app users.

Data Safety

Your user's safety is our top priority
compliant google
compliant gdpr
  • We ALWAYS ask the user's permission before gathering any data
  • All data stays anonymous and protected. We do not collect private information
  • Data collectors will not access more data than you enable them to see through the permission in your code
  • You don't need in-app ads or user's purchases to earn more with your app. Put the data to work for you

How does data monetization work

3 easy-to-take steps to implement data monetization in your mobile app:
  • Open permissions for the data collector in your code.
  • Prepare user's consent and add it to the code. Only after the user agrees to the user's consent, then the data collector will get access to the data
  • Implement AppGrow SDK in your app code. As soon as the user gives permission to the in-app consent, you start earning
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